Echo Engage

In-Desk Module

Available Base Colours

Echo Engage

In-Desk Module

Available Base Colours

Module Configurations

Echo Engage

(GPO + USB A-C + Wireless + RGB)

1 x Power Module
1 x USB A/C Module
1 x Wireless Module
1 x RGB Indicator with RFID

Key Features

RGB Indicator Module

6 status modes
6 Status Modes

Via illuminated RGB Indicator identifying whether the space is Available, In-Use, Booked or To be Cleaned.

Global Power Options

AU-NZ Power Outlet icon
EU Power Outlet icon
USA Power Outlet icon

We offer a diverse range of country specific power outlets including AU/NZ, US, UK, German, French and Universal.

USB Fast-Charging

USB A/C Outlets icons
USB A/C Outlets

Charge your mobile device or laptop with ease, offering up to 140W of USB-C Fast-Charging.

Standard Colour Options


Choose the colour that best blends with your workspace.


Additional details

Integrates into Echo in-desk power modules.

Shows status of the work station above the desk via illuminated 50mm tile.

Can be to used to manually toggle between status modes via built-in capacitive switch.