Achieve Sustainability through Energy Management

Many businesses still leave their lights blazing throughout the night with computer systems never switched off, even when they’re not in use, which in turn is wasting energy and adding to costs.

CMS Engage, a smart workplace technology solution, has been designed and developed to help your business manage energy consumption and work towards a more energy efficient workplace. Property and facility managers are able to monitor space utilization and energy consumption to provide insightful analytics on how their workplace is being utilized. We pride ourselves on being proactive in making responsible decisions that will help reduce the negative impact on our environment.

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Enable the Modern Workplace, Driving Sustainability & User Experience

CMS Engage delivers unrivalled data driven insights into how your business and workplace interact.

Energy management and space utilization data is captured and made available on our Engage platform through our unrivalled smart cell and sensor technology.

It enables administrators the ability to shutdown workstations completely when they are not in use and energise it when successful check-in procedures have been completed.

Ability to View Dashboard Analytics Through Smart Technology 

🔸Utilise the ability to remotely de-activate workstations for social distancing.

🔸View live floor layouts and desk status with live readings from multiple sites to a single area per level.

🔸Determine peak usage times and capacity  with time-lapse heat mapping.

🔸Be provided with a more complete picture of energy consumption in work areas.

Hardware Integration into Workstations

Application Areas

Simple & Easy to Use Booking App

Staff can reserve their space anywhere, anytime via the CMS Engage booking app. They can preview, book and check-in to available and safe-to-use workstations or meeting rooms via their mobile or desktop device.

With the booking app, employees can check in easily through automated touch-less check-in via Bluetooth, QR Code Scanning and RFID.

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With the CMS Engage Booking App, employees are able to check in easily via Bluetooth, RFID/NFC and Power-by-Occupancy.

Once logged into the app, you can preview, book and check-in to available and safe-to-use workstations or meeting rooms via your mobile or desktop device.

Help your business achieve sustainability through energy management today!

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