The Smart Cell is the brain that links the Status Indicator and Occupancy Sensor together. 

Once the Smart Cell has been installed under the desk, using smart technology, it controls energizing devices linked to it which includes monitors on the desk top.

The Occupancy Sensor uses advanced technology to accurately monitor and report user movement, presence and desk height status.

The Status Indicator is installed above the desk and shows the status of the workstation, collab area or meeting room. It can be integrated into a power rail or Echo In-Desk module.

The Gateway acts as a portal to deliver event data from up to 200 devices while forming a wireless mesh system (using Zigbee) in-between smart devices.


CMS Engage Athena Power Rail with RGB Status Indi
CMS Engage Echo Recessed Power Module with RGB Status Indicator
CMS Engage Smart Occupancy Sensor
CMS Engage Smart Power Cell
CMS Engage Smart Hub Gateway
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