Room Booking

Easily find and reserve your meeting room through our mobile app or booking panel.

CMS Engage Booking Panel

Key Benefits


Easy Access to Meeting Spaces - Employees can easily find and reserve meeting rooms or collaboration spaces through the mobile app or booking panel.

Quick Booking and Cancellation - Employees can efficiently manage their meeting room requirements, saving time and effort.

Improved Collaboration - Easy access to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, enabling teams to come together seamlessly for brainstorming sessions, discussions, and presentations.

Synchronised Calendars Room - Meetings are seamlessly integrated into schedules, reducing scheduling conflicts and improving productivity.

Team Leader

Improved Collaboration – team members have easy access to collaboration spaces, enabling work efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity - With the ability to quickly search and secure a room, downtime is minimised, and productivity is maximised.

Streamlined Communication - Real-time availability updates, enabling team leaders to communicate to members effectively.

Flexible Meeting Arrangements - Can quickly secure suitable rooms to accommodate team's needs, promoting flexibility and adaptability in the workplace.

Facility Manager

Optimised Space Utilisation - Review room usage patterns, to make informed decisions about space allocation and optimisation.

Efficient Resource Management: Real-time availability updates help manage resource effectively and efficiently reducing waste.

Enhanced Transparency – Analytics provide facility managers to make data-driven decisions to improve the overall workplace experience.

Streamlined Operations - By offering intuitive booking interfaces and synchronisation, operational efficiency is enhanced.

Easily Find and Reserve

Easily find and reserve your ideal meeting room or collaboration space through the mobile app, Microsoft Office 365 or directly through the booking panel.

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Easy to Book

Easily search, book or cancel meeting rooms through the app, booking panel or Microsoft Outlook.

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Simple to Check-In

Set meeting rooms will display on Booking Panel Interface allowing easy check in through its touch display.

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Synchronised Calendar

App synchronises with Microsoft Outlook and teams.

Room Booking Features

Improved Collaboration

Facilitate greater collaboration among team members by providing easy access to meeting rooms and collaboration spaces, fostering brainstorming sessions, discussions, and project meetings.

CMS Engage Booking Panel

Optimised Space Utilisation

By allowing users to quickly locate and reserve available rooms, helps ensure that meeting spaces are utilised efficiently.

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Real-time availability updates and digital floor plans, enables users to make informed decisions when selecting meeting rooms, ensuring a seamless booking experience.

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CMS Engage Booking Panel
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