How CMS Engage Works

CMS Engage integrates into your workplace structured cabling, linking workstations and meeting areas.

Understanding how the workplace is being used, with consideration of power consumption and its impact on our environment are just some of the challenges enterprise faces today. Just as important, employees require the tools to book and reserve space remotely or when in the office to remain engaged and productive. This is where CMS Engage comes in…



The Smart Cell is the brain that links the Status Indicator and Occupancy Sensor together. 

Once the Smart Cell has been installed under the desk, using smart technology, it controls energizing devices linked to it which includes monitors on the desk top.

The Occupancy Sensor uses advanced technology to accurately monitor and report user movement, presence and desk height status.

The Status Indicator is installed above the desk and shows the status of the workstation, collab area or meeting room. It can be integrated into a power rail or Echo In-Desk module.

The Gateway acts as a portal to deliver event data from up to 200 devices while forming a wireless mesh system (using Zigbee) in-between smart devices.

booking app


The Desk Booking procedure can be easily completed by users using their mobile or desktop device.

They are able to reserve their space anywhere, at any time, via the CMS Engage booking app.When completing the booking process, staff can preview their work area which will display it’s availability and whether it is safe-to-use (has been recently cleaned).

Employees are able to check-in to their work area using 3 options:

🔸Bluetooth: When a user approaches the desk, a notification will pop up on their mobile device prompting them to check-in to their desk

🔸QR Code: When a user has reached their desk, they can scan the QR Code on the desk to check-in.

🔸RFID: Using an RFID Card or Mobile Device users are able to check-in to the desk by tapping the side of the power rail.

🔸Power-by-Occupancy: When a user approaches the work area, the sensor automatically detects your presence and will check-in.



Using the CMS Engage Dashboard, administrators are able to view all data transmitted through the smart cell and gateway from each work area. This will in turn accurately display reports on energy consumption levels in different areas of their business.

Administrators can monitor occupancy levels and implement social distancing by deactivating work areas.

From an energy management overview, this enables administrators the ability to shutdown work areas completely when they are not in use and energise them once successful check-in procedures are met.

The CMS Engage platform delivers powerful insights into how spaces are being used, providing accurate reporting on energy usage to make informed decisions.

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With the CMS Engage Booking App, employees are able to check in easily via Bluetooth, RFID/NFC and Power-by-Occupancy.

Once logged into the app, you can preview, book and check-in to available and safe-to-use workstations or meeting rooms via your mobile or desktop device.

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