Locker Booking

Conveniently book a locker via the app, eliminating the need to carry items around.

Locker Booking

Key Benefits


Convenience and Security - Convenient way to secure personal belongings, eliminating the need for employees to carry items around.

Efficiency and Timesaving - Saves time and streamlines the process of finding available storage space.

Flexibility and Accessibility - With the ability to book lockers remotely, employees enjoy greater flexibility and accessibility.

Personalisation and Organisation - Empowers employees to personalise their workspace by reserving lockers that best suit their storage needs.

Team Leader

Enhanced Workplace Efficiency - Team leaders have access to centralised system for managing locker reservations.

Improved Resource Allocation – Insights can help team leaders optimise resource allocation.

Facilitation of Collaboration - Ensures that team members have easy access to shared resources.

Promotion of Workplace Wellness - By providing employees with secure storage for their personal belongings, locker booking supports workplace wellness initiatives.

Facility Manager

Optimised Space Utilisation - Help facility managers achieve space utilisation.

Streamlined Operations - Better resource management and reduced administrative burden.

Enhanced Security - Enhanced security features, such as secure access controls to ensure the safety of employees' belongings.

Improved User Experience - Partnering with major locker booking management systems and hardware manufacturers, such as Vecos, facility managers can provide employees with a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Book Your Locker With Ease

Using the CMS Engage mobile app, employees can book their locker with ease in the same way they reserve their work area. We have proudly partnered with major locker booking management systems and hardware manufacturers including Vecos. Using key API’s, our software can easily be integrated with smart locker systems.

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Mobile App Integration

Users can easily book and release a locker using app on Smart Phone or web browser.

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Real-time Locker Availability

Provides live updates on locker availability, allowing users to see which lockers are currently vacant and make informed booking decisions.

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Calendar Integration

Synchronises locker bookings with users' calendars, allowing them to view their locker reservations alongside their other appointments and commitments.

Locker Booking Features

Live Locker Availability

Employees can easily check the real-time availability of lockers, ensuring they find an open locker that meets their needs.

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Integrated with Ease

Our system seamlessly integrates with major locker booking management systems and hardware manufacturers such as Vecos, offering a user-friendly experience and facilitating smooth operations.

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Adaptability & Hybrid

With the flexibility to adapt to various workplace environments and hybrid work models, our locker booking solution ensures employees have access to secure storage wherever and whenever they need it.

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Workstation with lockers